Photo: Diana Tyszko

Photo: Diana Tyszko



  • Keith Roberts Teaching Innovations Award, SAGE Publishing (2019)

Course Instructor

  • Introduction to Sociology I (Okanagan College SOC 111) Fall 2019 (Draft 006 Syllabus & Draft 071 Syllabus) and Winter 2020 (sections 002 & 002)

  • Introduction to Sociology II (Okanagan College SOC 121), Fall 2019 - Draft Syllabus

  • The Hands That Feed Us: Labour and Social Movements Across the Food Chain (UofT Sociology 498) Winter 2019 - syllabus

  • The Global Food System (UofT Geography 329) Summer 2018 - syllabus

Course Coordinator

  • Land, Food and Community II (UBC LFS 350), Fall 2011

Teaching Assistant

  • Sociology of International Migration (UofT SOC 375), Summer 2015

  • Land, Food and Community II (UBC, LFS 350), Fall 2010

University Guest Lecturer

  • Food politics and food pleasures. Sociology of Food (UofT SOC 349). Winter 2019.

  • Pitting farm workers against national food security. Transnational Food, Health and the Environment (SyracuseU FST 703). Winter 2019.

  • Rural farm workers and urban food security: Canada’s Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Cities & Environments (UofT GGR A03). Fall 2018.

  • Fast food. Shopping, Sustainability and Society (UofT SOC 317). Fall 2018.

  • Community-based participatory action research: Opportunities and areas for caution. Field Research Methods (UWaterloo SOC 322). Fall 2016.

  • Women and pay equity legislation in Canada: Minding the gaps. Diversity in the Canadian Workplace (YorkU SOSC 2211). Summer 2016.

  • Pay equity legislation in Canada: Minding the gap. Guest lecture for Workplace Diversity (YorkU SOCS 2211). Fall 2015.

  • Community contract and reflections on community service-learning. Planning for Change (UofT JPG 1812). Fall 2015.

  • ‘Temporary’ migrant worker regimes in Canada and around the globe. Sociology of International Migration (UofT SOC 375H5S). Summer 2015.

  • Spilling the beans on Canada’s migrant farm worker regimes. Sociology of Work and Occupations (UofT SOC 227). Summer 2015.